Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Move Date

Well- we have our 1ST moving date. That's right I said 1st. That means there is going to be at least 2. After careful consideration and a lot of research (meaning we are getting a glimpse of how expensive it is going to be to move) we have decided to move in with my parents for a few months. So on the 28th of this month - yes that is in 17 days we are leaving our lovely concrete walls here in the village. Then at the end of August (if all goes according to plan) we are heading to Philli! I started in Aubrie's room this week. She is such a great helper let me tell you- as I would pack up a box she would empty another- along with her drawers and anything else she get a hold of to add to the pile! I would attatch a picture but our computer is down. (Nice timing huh?) Anyway wish us luck- I am stressed to the max! Also we are thinking about selling all of our stuff so if anyone is interested in our furniture or books etc.... let me know.