Saturday, February 28, 2009

Aubrie Ann

This post is actually a tag from awhile ago. Here are five fun things about my cute daughter Aubrie.
1- She is VERY imaginative - (probably from being an only child) I don't know but this vacuum is "her prince" whenever I get it out- which is about twice a day- she runs to it and kisses it. So hilarious!
2- The fridge is her domain. I tried to put up Christmas cards but she quickly covered them up. You can kind of see Lindy & Johns and Spencer & Amanda's.. but sorry Hayley your wedding announcement and Erika your pictures got the boot...
3- She loves movies. This is a good thing/bad thing because seriously we argue everyday about turning the tv off. Personally I just can't take seeing some of those shows again. (Dora, Word girl - Mom's YOU know what I am talking about).
4-Aubrie is extremely active. She is performing her newly acquired skill of somersaults in this top photo. She is always dancing, running, basically moving. She will sit still for a good story though....Naps are becoming a thing of the past- bummer for me!!!
5-Aubrie LOVES wearing dresses. I have had to invest in a few more because that is all that she wears. Most days it is a battle to dress her so she "chooses"-it is always a dress. For the latest punishment she won't go to time out- we take away a dress. I am serious- she freaks out and shapes up her behaviour so that a dress isn't taken away. Also along the lines of apparrel- she sticks everything she can on her head as a "tiara" belts, headbands, necklaces whatever. I've also caught her SEVERAL times just standing admiring herself in front of the mirror- too funny!
I love my little princess who is almost 3!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What Brent has been doing in the past few months

Well, here I am again. Julie is making me do another post on the blog. Appearantly I have had a few interesting things happen to me since my last post (3 months ago). So lets get started.
Last quarter I was at a career fair during a lunch break. I was hungry and I saw that someone was selling cookies. when I attempted to by one, I was informed that I had to enter a drawing to purchase one. Well I was hungry, and hey what the heck what if I actually one something. Well a few months later (Christmas break) I was contacted by the school stating that I had one something (they didn't tell me what it was). Too my incredible suprise, I wan a new iPod touch. It turns out this thing is worth $300 (Whoo Whoo SOMETHING NICE I DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR!!!). I have decided that if ever asked to enter to win a drawing again, I will not pass up any opportunities. A short while after my winnings, a few other PA students and I went to an Amish market in Center City called Reading Terminal. While we were walking we passed a building that was blocked off, and had enough security to make you think that President Bush was hidding out in their. So we decided to stop and have a look. Not long after we started rubber necking, Jamie Fox came out of the building dressed up like he was a lawyer. I guess he is filming his new movie in center city. He didn't look as cool in real life (It must have been the make-up). And lastly, Julie and I were driving home from dinner and came with in a few feet of a van that was completley engulfed by fire. We could feel the heat coming through the glass as we drove by. Julie thought I was going to drive right into it (I thought she was going to jump out the window). That's all. Until next time (3-5 months from now), I hope this has been enjoyable.