Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Country Music

Amongst our busy packing we had a fun weekend. On Saturday we went to the "Philadelphia's Country Music Station Anniversary Show" it was a blast. For any of you that know me, country music is so not my thing.I went for Brent (his birthday is this week),but really it was so fun. Our nice neighbor works at the station and got us great seats. We arrived just in time to see Kelli Pickler - she was adorable and running around the station in barefeet. Aubrie only wanted to be clapping on Brent's shoulders.Next was Zac Brown... this is where it got interesting. Aubrie started "head banging" no joke- full out spinning here hair etc... I did not teach her this - but it was hilarious. People were all dying because she is also spinning and dancing in circles. SO sad I couldn't bring my video camera in! We were going to stay for Phil Vasser & Big and Rich but about this point 7:30 p.m Aubrie's energy was gone and she was out! Such a fun day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Month

We have a very busy month-poor Brent is in the middle of finals this week. Tonight will be his 3rd night of no sleep! He has been practicing for orals on Aubrie and I - (anyone in Med school will understand) anyway she is getting really good at doing exams herself. She makes us sit while she checks reflexes, listens to us breath etc.. Here she is with a baby at the PTM she marches in, grabs the stethescope, and knows what to do!
Next week we are moving, Brent's family is visiting, and then Aubrie and I are flying home on the 22nd. We will be there until the 1st. If you live in Utah and are reading this I sure hope I get a phone call to set something up, so that I can see everyone. Yeah I am so excited. Thank you Mom and Dad for the tickets home!!!