Thursday, October 6, 2011

Going Private

Hello! I really do want to start blogging again. However I am definitely going private. Please email me if you want to stop back by the blog!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fortuna California

We made it! The reason for my lack of blog updates, is that I have been too busy! We left Philly on December 24th. The hospital paid for a moving company to pack up all of our belongings and ship them to California! After 7 moves in the past 7 1/2 years- this was the way to go! We spent Christmas in Utah-loved seeing our families. I flew out with Casyn to California the 1st week of January while Brent was busy studying for boards. I spent a week alone staying with new friends and fixing up our interesting rental house (it was disgusting -so with the help of my new friend we did some MAJOR painting etc...) Brent and Aubrie arrived- our stuff was a week late (yuck). Then we unpacked and less than a week later-Brent's mom passed away. We had quite an adventures road trip in our new Honda Pilot (LOVE IT). The funeral went well and 4 days later we were back on the road in time for Brent to start his new job the next morning at 8 a.m.! Whew! It makes me tired just writing this! We are getting settled in (more stories to follow...) I just wanted to get a few pictures up of where we live!
This is main street.

Charcoal Grey Honda Pilot

The front of our rental house-complete with the treehouse Brent has always promised he would build Aubrie!


Local playground-the whole city is surrounded by redwood trees. Truly amazing!



What a wonderful, long awaited day! Had to get this shot of the city...
Yeah Daddy!

We are SO proud!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Our decision has been made- we are moving to California! I will be busy packing, running errands, visiting friends, Christmas shopping, and trying not to be too overwhelmed this month. Yes-we are moving before Christmas. Brent is busy studying for Boards on the 21st. Please pray for him and all that he has going on right now. I also wanted to post some fun pictures:

Casyn's bib says I love my big sister- and he does! These two really do have a bond!
I was in the kitchen, Casyn was crying and I told Aubrie to go play with him. A few minutes later he was GIGGLING! She put all of his toys around him and was singing to him. SO PRECIOUS!

This is my favorite fall shot at Gorgas park!

Just because I am busy-doesn't mean that I don't have time to make yummy pumpkin bread!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Trip to Vermont!

Last weekend we headed to Vermont, for another job interview. It was beautiful there!
Here is a shot of one of the many airplane rides(4 to be exact) we took in 4 days. This one is the way home-when they BOTH fell asleep at the same time!

This is on the upper level of the Burlington Airport. New England rocking chairs to relax in and watch the planes!

I had to get a shot of our good traveler - getting changed here in our hotel.

This is Lake Champlain. It was enormous, breath taking, and as you can see VERY cold!

This was my favorite part of the trip. Getting to see our good friends the Culbertson's while we were in Saint Albans. They were the BEST host and hostess ever-taking us on tours and to this adorable family restaurant in Burlington.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to California!

What a weekend! We visited the town of Fortuna California (The friendly city). Brent had his first interview. Lets just say we were totally wined and dined. They pretty much sold us on this place. It is a tiny town population just under 11,000. Brent said he felt like the doctor on Arachnaphobia. Everyone knew who he was and why he was there. At the grocery store, the cashier asked me if I was visiting!;)

We first flew to San Francisco. From there we were waiting at the airport to fly to McKinley. We noticed our tickets said aisle 10 - so we were thinking -cool we will be at the front. Then they announced now boarding. Not zone 1 or 2 but ALL seats. This is a picture of the small plane. There were only 10 rows on the whole plane! Scary!

Brent has a friend living there- they took us to Trinidad (about an hour away) it was breathtaking.

Here is a picture of the cabin we stayed at. Complete with hottub, woodburning stove, full kitchen, greenhouse, 2 bedrooms etc... etc... it was beautiful! The entire thing had mint green tiles on the floor and long slanted wood ceilings. When we arrived there was a huge gift basket
on the kitchen table welcoming us to the Redwoods Hospital!

Little Casyn was such a GOOD baby. Here he is holding some United wings in his hand. This is the 2nd cross country trip he has taken and he is just shy of 5 months! Poor Aubrie had to stay home. We sure missed her!

Here we are at the beach. This one is only about 20 minutes from Fortuna.
We had a wonderful trip. It felt more like a vacation than an interview. Next week we are headed to Vermont. I am so excited to see it and have something to compare California with.We will hopefully know where we are moving by December- Yeah!