Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Schuylkill River

We had quite the adventure Saturday night. We were just out for a leisurely stroll by the Schulykill river here in Philly- we wanted to show Casyn one of our favorite walks.

We did our usual feeding the geese. These were all in the water- after one drop of bread was thrown they swarmed us. Aubrie was totally freaked!

Here are my 2 cute kids! We were packing up to leave and decided to stop and feed Casyn before we headed home. THEN someone starts yelling- drowning- call 911. I look at Brent and say, "Well you better go" he does and it was so neat. He totally helped save this lady from drowning. Within minutes about 10 police cars show up, life flight is above us, a firetruck and ambulance. I just stood there( from a distance) trying my best to stay out of the way and answer Aubrie's questions as well as rubberneck with the locals. Crazy stuff. All I have to say is Brent is amazing- he wasn't even flustered by it and just got in the car and drove us home. Wow!