Sunday, April 11, 2010


In March we had a blast in Utah. We celebrated Aubrie's 4th Birthday and got to catch up with lots of family and friends, (so fun)! Easter was wonderful with conference (although I must admit I felt a little strange NOT going to church on Easter), the day before we had a great Easter egg hunt organized by some friends in our ward at a local playground. I'm not sure if Aubrie had more fun running around the playground or hunting for eggs! Aubrie greeted us at 6a.m. with the news that, yes the Easter Bunny had come. I went downstairs with her, admired all "the goods" and then she helped me hide jelly beans for a living room egg hunt while Dad caught a few more minutes of sleep. It was cute, she hid about 10 in a cupboard and then as soon as the hunt started she dashed for that cupboard. BTW Dad did not win the prize for the most candy found - Aubrie did and here is her chocolate bunny reward! Then as soon as breakfast and all the fun was over I went back to bed until conference!