Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in Philly!!!

After 2 cancelled flights we decided to stay in Philly for Christmas. Neither Brent nor I had the heart to tell Aubrie about not getting to see Grandma for a long time yesterday... Poor kid! We have been trying to keep her busy ever since. Today was such a fun day. We took the bus into Center City. First we saw Christmas Village shops, stopped at Reading Terminal for lunch (yummy!) then we went to Macy's. I'm pretty sure it is the biggest one in the nation? Anyway they have the neatest light show, A Christmas Carol Village, Santa, and then we headed to the Comcast center which does have the biggest TV screen in the nation (it is also the tallest building in Philadelphia) they had a 3D Christmas show. That was Brent's favorite. My favorite was the light show in Macy's and Aubrie said her favorite was the "scary part in Dicken's A Christmas Carol". What a perfect day and the best part- all the shows were free!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Halloween Aubrie decided that she was going to be Snow White. So we found a Snow White dress and all of the other items that make Snow White who she is (i.e. red bow, red slippers, etc...) As you can imagine, we watched Snow White the movie over a dozen times. After one of these occasions, Aubrie decided that she was going to act out the near ending seen where Snow White eats the apple and falls. Fortunately, Julie was close by with the camera and grabbed a snap shot just as the seen ended. We are proud to present to you the blond Snow White in action.

I was just about to say that I love Philadelphia because of the weather, but that statement has been redacted. With our 20 inch snow storm that we just had, my flight has been canceled and we have missed my wives family party. I am continually amazed at how this city shuts down when ever it snows. One of these days Philadelphian's will have to get used to snow. They shut down the airport and people drive like they are on pain killers (HULK SMASH!!!!!!!). Julie thinks that I am being negative. I suppose she is right. I just get a little frustrated some times. Other than that, Julie is 3 months pregnant, I am a year away from graduating PA school and we got a Nintendo wii for Christmas. I guess things are pretty good. Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brent's White Coat Ceremony

This was such an exciting day for Brent. I was SO proud. He has made it through his first year! No more classes!!! (And I must note that he looks super HOT in that white coat!) Bad shot- but here he is getting the coat after they called his name.

I have about 10 pictures of Aubrie slowly losing it throughout the ceremony. You churchgoers know what it is like in Sacrament Meeting when the speaker starts to go over 10 min, then 20 and the noise starts to get louder and louder and the kids just can't take it? That was Aubrie that night. She just lost it- shoes off and she started running circles, ran down the hall..

And here is Brent reprimanding and MAKING her (heaven forbid) put her shoes back on.

It was really fun to meet all the staff I have been hearing about and Brent- I am SO proud of you!

Rain Storms

One of the things that we are amazed at out here are the rain storms. When it rains it pours- that is definitely an expression that must have been started here. One minute it starts and the next you are soaked. One day Aubrie and I got caught in a rainstorm and we were SO wet there really wasn't anything to do but laugh. It was hilarious. These pictures are from just 1 of the summer rain storms here.


Shocked that I am finally updating? (I'm not sure if I have any followers still...not that I blame you.) I do have some good excuses but there really isn't one for not keeping in touch with friends. Here are a few pictures of recent events.

I turned 30- gasp I know. Here is my darling daughter on my lap with me admiring my favorite flowers from my good friend. Later that day my BFF Amanda threw me and Kay a dual party- it was rockin'!!!

Here is Aubrie being Aubrie at the Aquarium in Camden, NJ. It was amazing, I got to touch a shark! We had a great time. (thanks Kim!)

I had to include a picture of Aubrie on her new bike. This is pretty much what we did ALL summer. "I want to go outside!!!" starting at about 7 a.m. This was definitely a time when I missed "The U Village" and being able to head out front to the playground!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Country Music

Amongst our busy packing we had a fun weekend. On Saturday we went to the "Philadelphia's Country Music Station Anniversary Show" it was a blast. For any of you that know me, country music is so not my thing.I went for Brent (his birthday is this week),but really it was so fun. Our nice neighbor works at the station and got us great seats. We arrived just in time to see Kelli Pickler - she was adorable and running around the station in barefeet. Aubrie only wanted to be clapping on Brent's shoulders.Next was Zac Brown... this is where it got interesting. Aubrie started "head banging" no joke- full out spinning here hair etc... I did not teach her this - but it was hilarious. People were all dying because she is also spinning and dancing in circles. SO sad I couldn't bring my video camera in! We were going to stay for Phil Vasser & Big and Rich but about this point 7:30 p.m Aubrie's energy was gone and she was out! Such a fun day!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Busy Month

We have a very busy month-poor Brent is in the middle of finals this week. Tonight will be his 3rd night of no sleep! He has been practicing for orals on Aubrie and I - (anyone in Med school will understand) anyway she is getting really good at doing exams herself. She makes us sit while she checks reflexes, listens to us breath etc.. Here she is with a baby at the PTM she marches in, grabs the stethescope, and knows what to do!
Next week we are moving, Brent's family is visiting, and then Aubrie and I are flying home on the 22nd. We will be there until the 1st. If you live in Utah and are reading this I sure hope I get a phone call to set something up, so that I can see everyone. Yeah I am so excited. Thank you Mom and Dad for the tickets home!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving date

We are moving AGAIN. We have our move date- it is June 20th. That means we have a little less than a month to pack it all up again. I am really tired of moving (5 times in the last 6 years- with more in store...) We are moving about 2 miles down the road. Still in Philadelphia but on the outskirts in the township of Andorra. Am I crazy you may ask? Yes, but we will be saving at least $300 dollars a month in rent, plus I am sick of the problems this old house has had.(MICE)We are sad about having to change wards, and we will be in a tiny 2 bedroom townhouse (not unlike the University Village) oh well just another year a half....
Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Nations First Zoo

We bought a zoo pass!!! This place is AMAZING- it is huge. We went to the Philadelphia zoo on Saturday and were there about 2 hours. We only saw maybe half of it. We looked at a few animals, but mainly just took Aubrie on the rides. On one of the rides, I sent Brent a text that said, I bet you never would have dreamed you would ever spend 30 minutes in line waiting for a walk around a circle on a horse huh? (He grew up cattle ranching). It was funny-but Aubrie loved it. Now you all know where we will be every week for the next year...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mount Vernon

Yesterday Aubrie and I went with Kristi and her boyfriend Carleton to Mt. Vernon. Home of George Washington. It was so amazing. The history lesson was incredible. The mansion lies right out by the Potamic River. Kristi and Carleton took Aubrie a good portion of the day for me while I went on tours. As you can see by the above picture of her sleeping at the restaurant, they did a good job of wearing her out! There are several things to do there including a museum - this is where Aubrie got to "dress like Martha Washington" a tour of the Mansion- past the actual master suite where Washington died! It needs to be noted here that on the tour Aubrie got a little too close to one of the rooms and much to the tour guides dismay, she set off the alarm! I really enjoyed the slave tour and seeing Washingtons tomb and learning SO much history. It was so humbling to stand on the lawns of this place and think of the people that used to live here and the lives they lived. SO AMAZING! Thank you Kristi!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Please Touch Museum

I bought a pass to this amazing museum here called, The Please Touch Museum. My friend Kay told me I needed to buy a pass and she was definitely right! We go here about once a week. These pictures do not do it justice. There is everything here. It is about five times larger than the children's museum in Salt Lake. Pictured with Aubrie is her cute little friend Marley in the craft room. Aubrie and I are in a pretend bus, there is a huge Alice in Wonderland playland with dress ups, a children's hospital where the kids play doctor with babies, a grocery store, rides, carousel, water play, basically any thing you can imagine and then some... fun stuff, especially since it has been raining here for the past week- and when it rains here- wow- there has been flood watches all around the area. Crazy!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This past weekend is always a hard time of the year for me.. (My family understands) Anyway Brent being the sweetheart that he is took me out for a wonderful day.

Here we are driving past Dawson street- (this street is down the road from us and we have had several people ask us why we didn't live here!)

Over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge
BEACH BABY!!! 2 1/2 hours later we were at the New Jersey shore! Here is the first thing Aubrie did- grabbed the sand bucket and began the fun!

I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend a day. In APRIL can you believe it!? No, seriously thank you Brent and we will surely be going again soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bonnie's Visit

My Mom came out last week. We began the week, first when I went to pick her up at Kristi's in Virginia. I made the mistake of telling Aubrie a few days before we went- she was jumping off the walls (literally) she was so excited. I hopefully won't make that mistake again. Unfortunately my Mom got sick, then Aubrie got sick. Her trip pretty much consisted of spending time in my house. Bummer! However we did manage to show her around in Center City a little and she took us to this delicious dinner at a place called London Grill. Plus, she got to come to my ward here (which I seriously love)! Yes Brian- Brent did wear this jacket to tick you off....
Thanks for coming to visit us on the East coast Mom- we love you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Job

I realized recently that I forgot to post about my new job. I am working at the Roxborough YMCA here in Philadelphia! It has been so much fun. I teach the Little Gymers class. It is a gym class for toddlers. My favorite part is that I get to take Aubrie. I have missed teaching and so this has been such a blessing for me to use my "creative energy" to do something productive. So I have been doing that for about 6 weeks and last week I started helping teach the preschool soccer class as well as helping host the Teen/Tween nights there. I am SO excited that opportunities are opening up. I am also grateful to be making new friends. I have also realized that having a little part time job truly does make me happy- it gives me an outlet- something just for me. I still miss Downeast and all those fun coworkers... (and the clothes...)
Go YMCA - I hope you are all singing the song now!

On a side note- Brent is looking for family practice doctors to do his final preceptorship (rotation) with in Utah. If you know anyone that might be interested please call me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"True dat"

No I am not quoting Aubrie with that- it is actually Brent. One thing I forgot to mention about Aubrie's birthday is that later that night we took her to get ice cream at Friendlys restaurant. It is a great family place and they brought her a balloon, ice cream and sang- so great. But the part that really struck me is what the waitress said, "A birthday out with her parents, what more does a kid need?" and to which Brent replied, "True dat!" I couldn't agree more!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I have a 3 year old!!!

Aubrie's birthday is today! We have had SO much fun the past few days. We had a rockin' party yesterday. I lost count of people after 20- (my kind of party) thanks to everyone who came. This morning we put Aubrie's presents at the bottom of the stairs, then sent her down. We thought oh maybe she will scream or just look- no not Aubrie she RAN down and began shredding paper. We barely had time to get cameras. She got this Ponyville amusement park ( she says she loves it and is so busy that is why I am able to do this...) We just got back from Chicfilet (my favorite and Aubrie's) and Chuckecheese.  So fun. Happy happy birthday to my adorable 3 year old.