Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moving date

We are moving AGAIN. We have our move date- it is June 20th. That means we have a little less than a month to pack it all up again. I am really tired of moving (5 times in the last 6 years- with more in store...) We are moving about 2 miles down the road. Still in Philadelphia but on the outskirts in the township of Andorra. Am I crazy you may ask? Yes, but we will be saving at least $300 dollars a month in rent, plus I am sick of the problems this old house has had.(MICE)We are sad about having to change wards, and we will be in a tiny 2 bedroom townhouse (not unlike the University Village) oh well just another year a half....
Wish us luck!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Nations First Zoo

We bought a zoo pass!!! This place is AMAZING- it is huge. We went to the Philadelphia zoo on Saturday and were there about 2 hours. We only saw maybe half of it. We looked at a few animals, but mainly just took Aubrie on the rides. On one of the rides, I sent Brent a text that said, I bet you never would have dreamed you would ever spend 30 minutes in line waiting for a walk around a circle on a horse huh? (He grew up cattle ranching). It was funny-but Aubrie loved it. Now you all know where we will be every week for the next year...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mount Vernon

Yesterday Aubrie and I went with Kristi and her boyfriend Carleton to Mt. Vernon. Home of George Washington. It was so amazing. The history lesson was incredible. The mansion lies right out by the Potamic River. Kristi and Carleton took Aubrie a good portion of the day for me while I went on tours. As you can see by the above picture of her sleeping at the restaurant, they did a good job of wearing her out! There are several things to do there including a museum - this is where Aubrie got to "dress like Martha Washington" a tour of the Mansion- past the actual master suite where Washington died! It needs to be noted here that on the tour Aubrie got a little too close to one of the rooms and much to the tour guides dismay, she set off the alarm! I really enjoyed the slave tour and seeing Washingtons tomb and learning SO much history. It was so humbling to stand on the lawns of this place and think of the people that used to live here and the lives they lived. SO AMAZING! Thank you Kristi!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Please Touch Museum

I bought a pass to this amazing museum here called, The Please Touch Museum. My friend Kay told me I needed to buy a pass and she was definitely right! We go here about once a week. These pictures do not do it justice. There is everything here. It is about five times larger than the children's museum in Salt Lake. Pictured with Aubrie is her cute little friend Marley in the craft room. Aubrie and I are in a pretend bus, there is a huge Alice in Wonderland playland with dress ups, a children's hospital where the kids play doctor with babies, a grocery store, rides, carousel, water play, basically any thing you can imagine and then some... fun stuff, especially since it has been raining here for the past week- and when it rains here- wow- there has been flood watches all around the area. Crazy!