Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We Made It!

We made it! We are back in Utah. It has been so great to see people we actually know! I wanted to write about the trip out here. First my wonderful friend Amanda thankfully gave us a ride to the airport (thanks again Amanda) then we saw friends from our ward that missed their flight and got to come with us. Notice I said "got to" Whitney?! We had a layover on the way, but the 1st plane ride was fun. It was a very small plane and this being Aubrie's first flight- it made it more exciting. The stewardess had her "help" her. She had Aubrie ask all the passengers if they had trash to throw away and collected their trash. She even got tips! The girl made $3.50
Then as we were landing the stewardess announced that she was grateful for Aubrie's help and everyone clapped. Aubrie says, "Hey thats me!" it was hilarious and so memorable. Can't wait to see everyone and we are so excited for Christmas.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I have actually been busy lately. I went to New York City last weekend with some girls from the ward here. It was incredible! I had never been and we got to see all the sites. We parked down the street from Times Square. Got to see Rockefeller Plaza, street dancers, the Temple, and of course go shopping! Really it was very cool- and one of the coolest parts about it was that it only took us shy of 2 hours to get there!!!
Yesterday we went to our friend Pete's parents house for Thanksgiving. It was great- everyone was so nice and Pete and Amanda are such good friends (thanks again!)
This morning I went with another friend Carrie to New Jersey to do some shopping. It was CRAZY busy of course- but so much fun to be out and about getting the deals and just being a part of it all. I will post pictures later...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's a Mormon?

Funny story- I went to a local salon last week to get my hair done (definitely needed!) and while I was there the girl doing my hair was asking me questions. She asked me where I was from and I told her that I had just moved here from Utah. The guy in the next booth said, "Oh are you a Mormon?" I said yes and she looked at me and said, "What's a Mormon?" That was definitely a first for me. Yet another example that I am definitely NOT in Utah anymore!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dad's Visit

Last weekend my Dad came to visit us! We first went on a "little" drive to Virginia to have Turkey dinner with my sister Kristi- it was delicious! Then Sunday my Dad got to experience what going to church in Philly is like. His comments were, "Well you have a very diverse ward!" Way to be politically correct Dad! (Really our ward is great and very entertaining!) After church we drove him around Center City and we stopped at the Rocky Statue and The Philadelphia Museum of Art - aka the Rocky stairs. It was really funny because he insisted that we run up them- so funny - and of course Aubrie just loved it. He and Aubrie had quite a lot of bonding time and she keeps asking when Grandpa Holt is coming over-Unfortunately his trip only lasted a few days and now I am REALLY homesick, but I really loved seeing him. My Dad is so great and a wonderful example to my whole family. Thanks for coming Dad- you can come anytime!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Halloween was so great! Aubrie is only 2 and she was SO hyper all day. I hadn't even let her have candy yet!(it really made me miss teaching on Halloween- that sounds silly but I really did miss my classes this year!) I did several crafts and Halloween games with Aubrie since she is starting to get fun and is able to get into things like glitter and glue!

Trick-or-treating here was different than in Utah - (what isn't different here?) we started out on our street - but after the 5th house and NO one being home we went to another neighborhood. Needless to say, Aubrie loved it and caught on really quickly. It was different, because here if you want Trick-or-treaters you decorate your porch and sit outside with the candy, and only about every 5-6 houses people are doing this. In my neighborhood growing up it seemed the opposite- if someone wasn't home it was weird. We went for about a half hour in one neighborhood with one of Brent's friends and thier kids and then to a neighborhood that is in our ward. Then Saturday they had the ward Trunk -or- treat! By this time Aubrie was a pro. So fun!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Phillies Parade

Go Phillies!!! Since winning the World Series on Wednesday night it has been INSANE here, but actually a lot of fun. Wednesday night was so wild- people were driving down the road honking, firecrackers were going off and you could hear people cheering amidst cop sirens wailing. Thursday morning we discovered that about 700,000 people had been in the street cheering and unfortunately vandalizing as well. (got to love Philly) then Friday they had a parade. Over 2.5 Million people came to Center City for it. I didn't dare take Aubrie but watched it on TV. Poor Brent was stuck at the hospital but got to see some of it out the window. Luckily he made it back in time to help take Aubrie trick-or treating. Red is everywhere here - even today people still are wearing red and have their cars painted- windows etc... so funny. But is has been great to see the city united like this.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Here is some great news-


I of course am beyond ecstatic! We are so grateful to our parents who are helping us fly home for 2 1/2 weeks. We leave the 12th- hurray!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Phillies Fans

Today I wanted to write about the UNBELIEVABLE Phillies fans here. My friend Mindi tried to warn me but I had NO idea. So the big game was Wednsday night (also the debates but I don't think anyone but us were watching those). People were up VERY late and partying about the big win. The fans are so crazy that they just made a law here that if you have any open container of alcohol on the streets you will be fined. They were outside, which means that by them being in their front yard they are pretty much in ours because the streets are so small. (I am still trying to catch up on sleep.) Then I was watching the news last night and the very 1st story is about how the shops in Center City have almost no Phillies paraphenilia left. I looked at the clock and it was 10:05 and they were still carrying on about this. Then at 10:15 the story was about a Grandma and a 2 year old shot on a crosswalk and they spent the entire story about how they caught the guy who shot them. (sorry to scare you Mom but yes, that kind of thing happens all the time here). I was like really, really that story deserves to be like 3rd and the Phillies team apparel is 1st? Priorities? Basically that is what it is like here- EVERYONE is a fan and if you are not- you better not mention it or you could be in the #3 news story for the night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adventures with Kristi and Acadia!

The last few weeks my sister Kristi and I, (along with Acadia and Aubrie) have had a few fun adventures. We had a chance to go see Gettysburg. It was surreal, very humbling and full of history. I really am enjoying all these historical sites- this is my kind of thing! (I think that ever since I read Gone With the Wind and the sequel I have been interested in the Civil War.) Kris also came to visit us in Philly last week and we had a great time. My favorite part of that was the
Ghost Tour

that just Kris and I went on. It was so cool. I was terrified to go but she talked me into it. I am so glad that I went. We spent 90 minutes walking around Center City by the Liberty Bell, graveyards etc... with this very dramatic guy telling ghost stories. (I didn't take any pictures because I am chicken...) If you ever get a chance to go on a ghost tour- do it!!! It has been fun getting to know Kristi again since we haven't seen much of each other for a long time. I LOVE having some family out here and she is surely terrific and a lot of fun to be with.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Cute Row House

Here is our front room - Aubrie wouldn't smile for the picture! I have a fireplace! (does it work???) Here is the dining room, it has this cute little arch alcove thing on the other side.
This is our little "sun room" it is what is there when you open the door.
Kitchen- notice the counter space- it is unbelievable to actually be able to put a cutting board down on a counter and have it fit!
This is the other side of the front room- Aubrie's latest favorite movie (The Wizard of Oz) is on.

This is a just moving in shot- don't you just love unpacking!
Here are a few pictures of Aubrie's room. Everything is basically courtesy of IKEA. (Brent's poor hands from putting it all together).
Here is a shot of the hallway at the top of the stairs leading to Aubrie's room and off to the right is the office.

This is our bedroom- it looks small, but compared to the village it is a freakin' mansion!!! I missed a few rooms (like the office and the basement ) but basically because there is nothing to see but spiders and mice (yes we have mice!!!)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Phone Pics!

I left my phone at my sister's house (well actually Brent did but lets not get into that), however here are a few phone pictures that I have taken. The first is Aubrie on our trip- I did various prizes to keep her from hating the trip and this was when she opened the princess bandaids. (FYI bandaids are a GREAT bribe!)I was also thinking about it and basically this picture pretty much sums up our great trip across the country- you know - in the car!

Next is the LOVE fountain in downtown Philly- after visiting this day I really wanted to go home.

Here is Aubrie on a carousel ride- her and I got dropped off at Franklin Square in Center City last week and we spent the morning playing in the really beautiful park.

Today we went to Reading Terminal in Center City. (sorry no pics I was too scared to take my phone out!) It is pronounced "redding" I know you are thinking Huh, it is spelled reading like reading a book. But no- just like any new place you have to be careful how you pronounce things or you will sound like a tourist! We took the bus and actually had a fun day. It is this HUGE market place with every kind of food available and fun shops. I will definitely be going back.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Driving In Philadelphia

Just so you are not surprised when you notice the voice of the posting changed, this is Brent writing. Julie has been bugging me to write a post since she started this blog. I was repremanded last week when I gave out our blog to a friend, because I actually did not contribute to any of the postings. So here I am!
So, Driving in Philadelphia. Before I explain the unwritten rules of traveling via vehicle in Philly, I want to say a few things. Since we have been here, I have almost been in five accidents, and almost hit two pedestrians. I say I because Julie has only driven once or twice. This place is flat out crazy when it comes to driving. Just the other day a local admited to me that people in Philly just suck at driving.

Here are the rules (unwritten rules mind you) of how to drive in Philly:
1. If you haven't started driving before the light actually turns green you will get honked at (actually it's ok to go while it is still red).
2. It is not necessary to look in your rear view or side mirrors before changing lanes (we get cut off all the time).
3. What is the purpose of a blinker. I think that every ones cars are out of blinker fluid here.
4.When turning left, it doesn't actully mean that you are going to turn left, because you have several options. You can vere left, turn left, sharp turn left, or actually change your mind and go strait.
5.If you don't know how to us a round-about here ,go back to Utah or drivers ed, which ever works best.
6.Pedestrians are not required to look both ways before crossing the street. In fact if you almost hit them they will lash out at you, saying that you are in the wrong.
7.If you don't know how to parallel park, you had better figure it out fast.
8. We will probably add a great deal to this list, for we have only been here 3 weeks.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How we've spent our days

Unfortunately I have yet to locate my camera, so I don't have pictures to accompany this blog( boring I know)! We have managed to do a few fun things since we got here. We went and saw my sister Kristi in Virginia. She has a beautiful house and a new dog (Acadia) - after seeing him Aubrie has decided that all of her stuffed dogs are also named Acadia. We visited Harpers Ferry while we were there -my favorite part was actually the beautiful drive through Virginia- places like Leesburg. I went to the New Jersey shore with some girls in my new ward last week. I say Shore because that is what they call it here (not the beach!) It was amazing and absolutely breathtaking. Aubrie was so scared at first but soon realized waves are fun- I had a tough time getting her to leave. Both Brent and I have gone out with the missionaries. What an adventure there. The lady I taught with the missionaries kept offering me drinks. We have also had them to dinner. There are like 4 sets of missionaries just in our ward. So different than SL.
On Saturday hurricane Hanna was felt here - it was insane to drive in - not like the rain in Utah that is for sure. (Our bathroom ceiling is cracked and water was coming in - this place is ancient!)
Today we headed downtown(City Center) to see the sites. $15 to park for 2 hours (ouch!) We saw Independance Hall and the Liberty Bell - and then.... another downpour of A LOT of rain. We were so drenched in an instant. Of course that ended our tours for the day. It was raining so much that really all we could do was laugh. Aubrie just kept sticking her hand out of the stroller saying, "It's raining!"
We are finally all moved in and I promise to post pictures soon. I LOVE having a basement to store my stuff. I HATE the wood floors (it's just because they creek and I am way freaked out because you hear everything and everyone). We got some of our $ refunded from the moving company- its kind of a long story but I had to call and yell and threaten (Philly style) to get something done. Don't ever use WE-haul (ABF) or Roadway moving company- they are dishonest, expensive, and rude!
I am doing better than last week. It makes it easier to know that I have the support of my friends and family. Especially now that I am one year older(my b-day was Tuesday). Someone asked me how old I was Saturday when I was with the missionaries and I told them- they were shocked and told me I didn't look a day older than 22! Nice! Maybe I should lie about my age here? No one would know!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

We Made it to Philly

Greetings from PA! Well we made it. The trip was VERY long and boring. Aubrie did surprisingly well and keeps asking to go back to the hotel. I am pretty much just in culture shock. Philadelphia is not like anything I have ever seen. It is going to take some getting used to, and right now I just want to go home.
We finally have a house. It is very old but hey there are 3 bedrooms and a basement to store things in. After living in "The Village" up the U- we feel like we are in a palace. The moving company screwed us and won't refund us the money they owe us so, we have NO furniture. I am pretty sure we will NEVER use a moving company again. Aubrie keeps asking where our couch is and all I can say is- "well honey sit on the camping chair!" Life sucks sometimes doesn't it?
Unfortunately my camera is missing so I have no pics right now. I will post some when I find it. This week we are going to figure out how the public transportation works and go see some sights of the city (hopefully) and I am definitely looking for a job because it is CRAZY expensive here. Everything costs SO much. I am trying to be upbeat but it just isn't working...
I will write more of our adventures later.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


That's right- 1 week exactly and we will be on the road to Phili! We are busy packing and saying our goodbyes this week. I am extremely nervous about the move, not knowing anyone, and everything else that goes along with traveling 2,146 miles across the US to live for the next 2 and a half years. Thank you thank you to everyone that has helped us and done things for us (like parties!) we will miss our friends and families so so much. More than I probably know right now. I am sure that we will have some fun pictures from the trip that I will post after we get there and are all set up. My friends also have teased me lately that I am sure once we move our blogs will be more interesting and more frequent (I hope so). Thanks again to everyone and wish us luck....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bryce Canyon 1/2 Marathon

Over the weekend of the 19th my Dad and I had a fun opportunity to run the Bryce Canyon 1/2 marathon. We made a weekend out of the trip, complete with a campout at the local KOA in Cannonville. I had a great time with my Dad (like I always do!) I am grateful to him and his desire to get me involved in running. I have to brag about him- he is almost 60 and has run 20 marathons now and 2 half marathons. That is amazing!!! He is encouraging, and even though I am painfully slow he always stays with me and - hey- we finished!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary - Happy 4th of July

Here are some pics of the 4th. We began the morning at the parade in Ogden with my sister-in-law Judith - wait did I say parade? I meant a bunch of cars throwing candy and then more candy. My nieces and nephews took home 6 and half POUNDS of candy(yeah they weighed it!) Not to mention the bag full Brent and Aubrie collected for me. It was hilarious. I was dying. I highly recommend this parade for kids. You won't see any floats, but you will see junior high school officers, and stock your shelves with candy until Halloween. Seriously it was funny!
That night- fireworks and toddlers.... it was actually really comical because we went to my brother's house and all the 3 little ones wanted to do was ride their bikes in the backyard. Brent and Brian got to rock out with some sparklers and flowers and we wondered why we bought any at all? It was entertaining!

On a more exciting note- Brent and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary this weekend. He took me to Park City Friday. I loved that he arranged the babysitting (nice huh?) and took me shopping, to a nice Italian dinner on Main street- and we stayed at the Yarrow hotel for the night. Just some of the reasons why I LOVE my cute husband after ALL these years....

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Good Thing Utah Guest CoHost

On Wednesday I had a blast! I had the opportunity (because I sent in a videotape) to be a guest cohost for the day on a local talk show called Good Things Utah. It was very nervewracking but also very fun. I cannot believe how many people saw it. That part is embarrasing- people at work have been coming up to me and saying they saw me- friends calling etc... but its also kind of fun. I totally appreciate all of my friends who came. You can see my Mom here , Kristin, Leslie, Erika and Tammy. Also thanks to Becky and her sisters for making it to the show. I think working in television would be so fun! Attatched below are links to watch the video incase you missed it. I know I'm a total dork and look nervous (hey I was)- but it really was a great opportunity that I highly recommend and would do again in a heartbeat!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Move Date

Well- we have our 1ST moving date. That's right I said 1st. That means there is going to be at least 2. After careful consideration and a lot of research (meaning we are getting a glimpse of how expensive it is going to be to move) we have decided to move in with my parents for a few months. So on the 28th of this month - yes that is in 17 days we are leaving our lovely concrete walls here in the village. Then at the end of August (if all goes according to plan) we are heading to Philli! I started in Aubrie's room this week. She is such a great helper let me tell you- as I would pack up a box she would empty another- along with her drawers and anything else she get a hold of to add to the pile! I would attatch a picture but our computer is down. (Nice timing huh?) Anyway wish us luck- I am stressed to the max! Also we are thinking about selling all of our stuff so if anyone is interested in our furniture or books etc.... let me know.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Moving Tips

okay- all of you out there who have moved lately. Any moving tips? We have been researching prices and trying to get ideas about companies and what not. What have you done- what would you do again- not do again?
We were thinking about the PODS but they will only get us as far as Jersey so that means we have to move 3 times and we know absolutely no one on the Philly end. Any other companies that you know about? How about ABF? Should we just go the Ryder route?
Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bare Escentuals

On Saturday Becky and I had a cool opportunity to go to the Nordstrom event - Bare Escentuals mineral makeup. If any of you have ever tried this makeup it is AMAZING! I have been a fan for awhile... anyway I got to meet the CEO Leslie, that is this first picture and I asked her some advice and she actually put makeup on me- this may sound silly to some, but if you have seen her infomercials (which obviously I have-) it was a big deal. Some of the Nordstrom workers came up to me afterwards and were like- wow I saw that- very cool. Anyway too bad I didn't get an "after" shot of my makeup because I loved it (this is a "before" with no makeup) but Becky looks gorgeous! If you haven't tried this makeup you should think about it... there is my plug!

On another note I did something kind of crazy a few months ago- I sent in an audition tape to the local TV show here Good Things Utah. The audition was to be a guest host for the day. Well, they decided to let everyone who entered have a shot. I went last week and checked out the studio, met the hosts, etc... And so on July 2nd I will be a guest cohost! If any of you want to come support me I need to turn in a request for how many tickets I want - it would be fun.... Call me if you want to come and I will give you details.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brent's Graduation


Thursday was the graduation ceremony for Brent. It was a lot of fun to see him all dressed up in his cap and gown and have him be officially "done" with his Bachelors Degree. Way to go - we are all so proud!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Autism Walk

Hello! This Saturday my coworkers and I are doing a 5K to support Autism. I thought I would mention the website in case anyone is interested in joining or donating. We have been doing fundraising at work and we as a DownEast outfitters team are ready to "kick it" this weekend! Can't wait!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My Post tonight is short. The above pictures are of Aubrie eating her dinner. She pretty much just ate an entire jar of olives. My question tonight is - so are olives considered a vegetable? Because man if they are, I rock as a parent!