Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brent's White Coat Ceremony

This was such an exciting day for Brent. I was SO proud. He has made it through his first year! No more classes!!! (And I must note that he looks super HOT in that white coat!) Bad shot- but here he is getting the coat after they called his name.

I have about 10 pictures of Aubrie slowly losing it throughout the ceremony. You churchgoers know what it is like in Sacrament Meeting when the speaker starts to go over 10 min, then 20 and the noise starts to get louder and louder and the kids just can't take it? That was Aubrie that night. She just lost it- shoes off and she started running circles, ran down the hall..

And here is Brent reprimanding and MAKING her (heaven forbid) put her shoes back on.

It was really fun to meet all the staff I have been hearing about and Brent- I am SO proud of you!

Rain Storms

One of the things that we are amazed at out here are the rain storms. When it rains it pours- that is definitely an expression that must have been started here. One minute it starts and the next you are soaked. One day Aubrie and I got caught in a rainstorm and we were SO wet there really wasn't anything to do but laugh. It was hilarious. These pictures are from just 1 of the summer rain storms here.


Shocked that I am finally updating? (I'm not sure if I have any followers still...not that I blame you.) I do have some good excuses but there really isn't one for not keeping in touch with friends. Here are a few pictures of recent events.

I turned 30- gasp I know. Here is my darling daughter on my lap with me admiring my favorite flowers from my good friend. Later that day my BFF Amanda threw me and Kay a dual party- it was rockin'!!!

Here is Aubrie being Aubrie at the Aquarium in Camden, NJ. It was amazing, I got to touch a shark! We had a great time. (thanks Kim!)

I had to include a picture of Aubrie on her new bike. This is pretty much what we did ALL summer. "I want to go outside!!!" starting at about 7 a.m. This was definitely a time when I missed "The U Village" and being able to head out front to the playground!