Thursday, December 2, 2010


Our decision has been made- we are moving to California! I will be busy packing, running errands, visiting friends, Christmas shopping, and trying not to be too overwhelmed this month. Yes-we are moving before Christmas. Brent is busy studying for Boards on the 21st. Please pray for him and all that he has going on right now. I also wanted to post some fun pictures:

Casyn's bib says I love my big sister- and he does! These two really do have a bond!
I was in the kitchen, Casyn was crying and I told Aubrie to go play with him. A few minutes later he was GIGGLING! She put all of his toys around him and was singing to him. SO PRECIOUS!

This is my favorite fall shot at Gorgas park!

Just because I am busy-doesn't mean that I don't have time to make yummy pumpkin bread!


nathalia said...

Adorable! Aubrie's hair is so cute short. And we're excited for your move and new adventures... and good luck with the crazy-busy month! You can do it! I know you're a packing/moving pro!

Erika W said...

Wow, nothing like moving across country around the holidays! This will definitely be a Christmas you won't forget, but we are so excited for you guys and your new adventure! By the way, your kids are the cutest!

Mike said...

Looks like you could use any bread recipe and it would still come out pumpkin bread. he he he