Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to California!

What a weekend! We visited the town of Fortuna California (The friendly city). Brent had his first interview. Lets just say we were totally wined and dined. They pretty much sold us on this place. It is a tiny town population just under 11,000. Brent said he felt like the doctor on Arachnaphobia. Everyone knew who he was and why he was there. At the grocery store, the cashier asked me if I was visiting!;)

We first flew to San Francisco. From there we were waiting at the airport to fly to McKinley. We noticed our tickets said aisle 10 - so we were thinking -cool we will be at the front. Then they announced now boarding. Not zone 1 or 2 but ALL seats. This is a picture of the small plane. There were only 10 rows on the whole plane! Scary!

Brent has a friend living there- they took us to Trinidad (about an hour away) it was breathtaking.

Here is a picture of the cabin we stayed at. Complete with hottub, woodburning stove, full kitchen, greenhouse, 2 bedrooms etc... etc... it was beautiful! The entire thing had mint green tiles on the floor and long slanted wood ceilings. When we arrived there was a huge gift basket
on the kitchen table welcoming us to the Redwoods Hospital!

Little Casyn was such a GOOD baby. Here he is holding some United wings in his hand. This is the 2nd cross country trip he has taken and he is just shy of 5 months! Poor Aubrie had to stay home. We sure missed her!

Here we are at the beach. This one is only about 20 minutes from Fortuna.
We had a wonderful trip. It felt more like a vacation than an interview. Next week we are headed to Vermont. I am so excited to see it and have something to compare California with.We will hopefully know where we are moving by December- Yeah!


Misty said...

they better wine and dine you! either place will be lucky to have you!

nathalia said...

Nothing like getting wined and dined! Yes! Keep up the updates! We cannot wait to find out where you choose!

Angela said...

That's awesome! What a fun trip! Sounds like a great place to be. :) I'm glad you could go and enjoy the trip too!

Gunnar and Brittney said...

So fun! Glad you got to go :) Gunnar has been flying around everywhere and it makes me a little jealous because I would love to go. But hey, we are interviewing in Vermont too! Who knows? Maybe we will end up by eachother again! Good luck on the interviews! Casyn is a cutie!

Lindy said...

Hooray! Glad it went well, and hopefully your decision won't be too difficult. I hope Casyn is doing better...poor little man! Good luck in Vermont.