Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas in Philly!!!

After 2 cancelled flights we decided to stay in Philly for Christmas. Neither Brent nor I had the heart to tell Aubrie about not getting to see Grandma for a long time yesterday... Poor kid! We have been trying to keep her busy ever since. Today was such a fun day. We took the bus into Center City. First we saw Christmas Village shops, stopped at Reading Terminal for lunch (yummy!) then we went to Macy's. I'm pretty sure it is the biggest one in the nation? Anyway they have the neatest light show, A Christmas Carol Village, Santa, and then we headed to the Comcast center which does have the biggest TV screen in the nation (it is also the tallest building in Philadelphia) they had a 3D Christmas show. That was Brent's favorite. My favorite was the light show in Macy's and Aubrie said her favorite was the "scary part in Dicken's A Christmas Carol". What a perfect day and the best part- all the shows were free!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Halloween Aubrie decided that she was going to be Snow White. So we found a Snow White dress and all of the other items that make Snow White who she is (i.e. red bow, red slippers, etc...) As you can imagine, we watched Snow White the movie over a dozen times. After one of these occasions, Aubrie decided that she was going to act out the near ending seen where Snow White eats the apple and falls. Fortunately, Julie was close by with the camera and grabbed a snap shot just as the seen ended. We are proud to present to you the blond Snow White in action.

I was just about to say that I love Philadelphia because of the weather, but that statement has been redacted. With our 20 inch snow storm that we just had, my flight has been canceled and we have missed my wives family party. I am continually amazed at how this city shuts down when ever it snows. One of these days Philadelphian's will have to get used to snow. They shut down the airport and people drive like they are on pain killers (HULK SMASH!!!!!!!). Julie thinks that I am being negative. I suppose she is right. I just get a little frustrated some times. Other than that, Julie is 3 months pregnant, I am a year away from graduating PA school and we got a Nintendo wii for Christmas. I guess things are pretty good. Merry Christmas everyone!