Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Job

I realized recently that I forgot to post about my new job. I am working at the Roxborough YMCA here in Philadelphia! It has been so much fun. I teach the Little Gymers class. It is a gym class for toddlers. My favorite part is that I get to take Aubrie. I have missed teaching and so this has been such a blessing for me to use my "creative energy" to do something productive. So I have been doing that for about 6 weeks and last week I started helping teach the preschool soccer class as well as helping host the Teen/Tween nights there. I am SO excited that opportunities are opening up. I am also grateful to be making new friends. I have also realized that having a little part time job truly does make me happy- it gives me an outlet- something just for me. I still miss Downeast and all those fun coworkers... (and the clothes...)
Go YMCA - I hope you are all singing the song now!

On a side note- Brent is looking for family practice doctors to do his final preceptorship (rotation) with in Utah. If you know anyone that might be interested please call me.


Lindy said...

That's awesome Jules. The "Y" is quite the hot-spot here, especially with the students. I hope this will give you a good break from the normal day-to-day routine. Sounds like fun!

Leslie said...

That sounds like a fun job. I am happy for you.

Mel said...

Sounds like a fun job!

Kristin and Steve said...

I'm proud of you CSO. You are making the most of your life there when it would be easy just to stay home and focus on not fitting in. I will be surprised if you want to come back when your time there is done.

You are a ROCKSTAR!

Nikole said...

So much fun. I wish having a third child counted as part time job because it sure feels like it :) P.S. Gwen has the same little sunshine shirt Aubrie is wearing in her picture. I'm sure it wont be the first time they dress alike!

wackywilsons said...

Yeah for the YMCA!

I taught there for two years in AZ and then in is a great atmosphere and I LOVED having the interaction with kids and teaching got my foot in the door to just get my bootie back in shape!

Good for you!