Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"True dat"

No I am not quoting Aubrie with that- it is actually Brent. One thing I forgot to mention about Aubrie's birthday is that later that night we took her to get ice cream at Friendlys restaurant. It is a great family place and they brought her a balloon, ice cream and sang- so great. But the part that really struck me is what the waitress said, "A birthday out with her parents, what more does a kid need?" and to which Brent replied, "True dat!" I couldn't agree more!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I have a 3 year old!!!

Aubrie's birthday is today! We have had SO much fun the past few days. We had a rockin' party yesterday. I lost count of people after 20- (my kind of party) thanks to everyone who came. This morning we put Aubrie's presents at the bottom of the stairs, then sent her down. We thought oh maybe she will scream or just look- no not Aubrie she RAN down and began shredding paper. We barely had time to get cameras. She got this Ponyville amusement park ( she says she loves it and is so busy that is why I am able to do this...) We just got back from Chicfilet (my favorite and Aubrie's) and Chuckecheese.  So fun. Happy happy birthday to my adorable 3 year old.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Last week I had a fun opportunity to go with some friends here to the Philadelphia flower show. It was great. Not just because I had a night off, but because I am so grateful for friends here and the displays were surely fun to look at as well. Here are the girls, me, Amanda, Kay, and Jana. Nights out in the city are extremely fun.

This is what my future front porch will look like... (soon!)

This display was my personal favorite- shoes!

This display is just cool- using the water bottles and all. It was also VERY tall.